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8th Ambush Team
8th Ambush Team is a small North America based squad dedicated to playing Tactical FPS games competitively. With the recent release of America's Army 3 we're working on rebuilding our membership roster. For more about us feel free to check out the Information section.
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by Trencher on Feb 11, 2010 at 08:48 AM
Sadly I'm announcing that <8AT> is now officially closed for business for the time being.

Several things contributed to the downfall of this latest iteration of the clan:

First of all we weren't able to recruit nearly as many new players as quickly as we had hoped. It seems like most hardcore players were looking for a hardcore "realism" type clan leaving mostly people who weren't interested in a clan at all. Still, we did get some good recruits. Unfortunately though most of the older <8AT> members disappeared soon after AA3 launched never to return to the game or even the website and our trickle of new blood wasn't enough to counter their departures. At the same time I personally changed jobs and had my workload explode (which has continued to this day) and didn't have anywhere close to as much free time to game any more. In that time I kind of burnt out on keeping up with AA3. That might have been fine if we had plenty of other members still playing but when my friend and clan officer 20kill had some of his own personal issues and dropped out for quite a long time I suspected we might be in trouble. I knew for sure when I glanced at the memberlist and only I and one other person had been online in the last month.

The game itself, of course, has had ton of issues since launch which I believe was a major factor in many of our players leaving. This also wasn't very inspiring to me personally and I had really hoped patch 1.06 would breath some new life into the game. Sadly it doesn't really seem to have. In the time since we really haven't heard much from the AA3 developers and numerous bugs and glitches still run rampant online. I've already set a precedence for dumping unsupported games and I currently feel better about dropping this one than I did about dropping SWAT 4. I'm still a fan of AA3 and hope that it does eventually develop into something I want to come back to but for now I can't help but wonder if the entire project is in some sort of trouble.

Anyway, will <8AT> return? Probably, but if it does it'll be possibly be something entirely different. Over the years I've participated in several different clans, guilds, and the like, and while I've often felt the urge to run my own clan in practice I've always found myself to be much more suited to a secondary leadership role, such as an "officer" position, where I'm not under quite as much pressure or commitment yet can still contribute. I suppose I've finally come to terms with that. When or if I return to AA3 it'll most likely be as part of someone else's clan. Furthermore, when or if <8AT> ever resurfaces it'll probably be a much more casual, multi-game affair which, really, is the antithesis of what it was originally intended to be. Who knows - perhaps if there is interest. There are definitely some cool games on the horizon.

Having said all that I'd like to thank those who contributed the most in our brief rebirth: 20kill, Hades, and our recent, very enthusiastic recruit Simoyd and his friends. I'll be keeping this site up in its current form for sometime but if anyone needs to reach me my Steam and Xfire profiles are probably good ways, along with AIM and my personal gaming blog at So long!
by Trencher on Jun 21, 2009 at 02:03 PM
While the launch of America's Army 3 hasn't been too smooth (understatement) people are finally starting to be able play the game more or less normally. In fact a lot of people who read this will no doubt have been referred here by the address listed on our public honor server.

<8AT> is more or less restarting from the ground up to accommodate AA3. Our current aim is somewhere in the middle of hardcore and casual play styles. For example on one hand, we plan to have regularly scheduled scrimmages and practices. On the other participation will completely optional.

Want to know more? Read this...

by Trencher on Jun 10, 2009 at 08:47 AM
Exciting news! At last America's Army 3 is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2009 - exactly one week from today. For those of us who are anxious to get started it can already be preloaded on Steam. We'll work on securing servers and otherwise going live ASAP though I expect things to be pretty chaotic for the first few days or even weeks.

Here is the official announcement.

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